Is C2H (contract to hire) is good or bad?

What is C2H?

C2H stands for Contact to Hire. That means a contract based hiring where a contractor will work with the employer for a specific time/duration. It can be for a shorter duration or longer depends on employer need.

Let’s figure out the hiring process of any company. Every company wants the best employees so they can deliver the best service or product to market. To get the best candidates each company follows a specific hiring process. Sometimes you may encounter with an easy hiring process but it is not necessary that your luck will always work.

Generally, a company follows the below-mentioned hiring process:

Profile shortlisting -> Aptitude test (online/offline) -> Coding test (online/offline) -> 2/3 rounds of technical interview -> Manager round -> HR discussion -> Offer letter

Now see the chances of getting rejected. If you failed to prove yourself at any stage, you are out. You know the common rule of business “If you have something to sell then let’s do it”. So when you are trying to grab a permanent position in any company you have to prove your skills. Tough competition, long hiring process and lots of stress. Sometimes, you may be good at work but somehow you fail to prove yourself. In that case, it proves to be a bigger challenge for you to get a job.

Now consider the C2H hiring process (based on my experience till date).

Resume shortlisting -> Technical interview -> Manager round -> You are in

Now everything depends upon your performance. If your performance is really outstanding, it will take very less time to be a permanent employee from a contractual employee. This is the most common strategy followed by any organization. The reason? Employees are assets of a company and every company needs a good developer who deliver the quality works. So when you are joining a company on a contract basis then your work will make you a permanent employee of that company.

Now let me put light on C2H advantages:

  • Competitive package than others as corporates understand the risk factor of an individual’s life.
  • Shorter hiring process and easy to get the opportunity.
  • If you don’t like the job you can end your contract, you are like freelancer with responsibilities under corporate.
  • All benefits similar to a permanent employee.
  • If you doing best, then a huge chance of getting a permanent position without going through the long hiring process.
  • Good experience and learning about industry or project before committing yourself as permanent.
  • A good hike on C2H duration pay scale with lots of offer in hand.

Apart from the pros, everything has cons too. Some of the cons of C2H are:

  • No job security (This is applicable for permanent employees as well)
  • Short notice if not performing

Now compare the advantages and disadvantages. You can see that it is easy to get a job in C2H and shift yourself as a permanent employee based on your performance.

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